Welcome to COMOSA Connect! COMOSA Connect is an Association of a Community of Practice (CoP). The acronym COMOSA stands for Commonwealth Open Schooling Association.


Open Schooling Explained

We invite you to read the most recent publication on the Open Schooling model titled, “Open Schooling: Addressing the Learning Needs of Out-of-School Children and Youths through the Expansion of Open Schooling”. You can test your knowledge of by participating in our short book review course.

Click here to access a the full version of the book that you can read online or download. The video summaries available below are a good way to get devlop an appreciation for the Open Schooling model and COL’s work in open schooling.

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Click here to view presentation slides including active links.


COMOSA’s Constitution

Commonwealth Open Schooling Association Constitution October 2019

Click here to download the PDF version of our Constitution.


COMOSA Chapters

Members will, upon joining, be allocated to one of the following regions, based on their location:
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Canada/Caribbean
  • Pacific

Our Reach


COMOSA Connect is an Association of a Community of Practice (CoP). The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is providing the platform for this CoP and is not responsible for the content contained within.

Dr Tony Mays is currently the Education Specialist – Open Schooling, Commonwealth of Learning. The Open Innovative Schooling (OIS) model was initially overseen by Mrs. Frances Ferreira, Education Specialist – Open Schooling (January 2007-January 2016), Commonwealth of Learning.