Welcome to COMOSA Connect! The acronym COMOSA stands for Commonwealth Open Schooling Association. Click here to read our Constitution.

We believe that:

• open/innovative schooling has the capacity to expand access, to promote equality, to deliver high-quality and effective services, and to reduce the unit costs of education at all levels; and

• when those who are involved in open/innovative schooling share their experiences and knowledge, we as a community of practitioners are supported to improve our practice. We actively seek to highlight real stories of good ideas being implemented across the Commonwealth and around the globe, that result in greater access to education for more people.

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is a member of our Coordinating Committee. Please note that items appearing on this website, as well as the views expressed in forums and blog posts on COMOSA Connect, do not necessarily reflect the views of COL.

Dr Tony Mays is currently the Education Specialist – Open Schooling, Commonwealth of Learning.



COMOSA Connect is an Association of a Community of Practice (CoP). The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is providing the platform for this CoP and is not responsible for the content contained within.


COMOSA Chapters

Members will, upon joining, be allocated to one of the following regions, based on their location:
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Canada/Caribbean
  • Pacific


Open Schooling Explained

CEC Annual Conference 2015: Educational Engagement and Out-of-School Youth in the Commonwealth, speech delivered by Frances Ferreira, Education Specialist – Open Schooling (January 2007-January 2016), Commonwealth of Learning.


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