Anshul Kharbanda: My visit to COL (Part 1)

I am at the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Burnaby, BC for three months to learn. I arrived in Vancouver on 2nd January and joined office the next day.

My initial days were a bit tiring because of the jetlag, but I am all set now. There are many things to learn and know about COL. The most amazing thing is that people from all parts of the Commonwealth are a part of COL. They are experts in different fields and work for different initiatives to help fulfil the Strategic Plan of COL (2015- 2021).

I am working closely with Dr Johannes Hendrikz, Advisor-Open Schooling, who is my support and mentor. The objective of my visit is to explore new possibilities of collaborating with COL besides reviving the existing ones.

During my visit to COL, I have been exposed broadly to different initiatives including the Strategic Plan of COL (2015- 2021), Open Innovative Schooling (OIS) Model, Diploma in Open Schooling, Result Based Management (RBM), VUSSC platform, Aptus device etc.

My work is being scheduled so that I can get maximum exposure with various initiatives at COL.

I thank NIOS Chairman Prof. C.B. Sharma for this innovative step. I am grateful to President COL Prof. Asha Kanwar for supporting on this.


Anshul Kharbanda

COMOSA Chapter Chair – Asia

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