AoC president Steve Frampton: the future of assessment is now

“Currently when it comes to assessment in education, the sector is, like most others, still in the dark ages, with the standard pen and paper format unchanged for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Sticking to this norm has meant we have failed to fully meet the needs and expectations of our learners this year.

If assessment were available digitally now, it would have made a massive, positive difference to thousands – maybe even millions – of pupils, students, apprentices, adult learners, their teachers and lecturers, college leaders and parents by removing the stress and anxiety that’s been caused by the abandonment of exams.

In response to the pandemic, our amazing FE teachers and other staff are already digitally-transforming course delivery – and at pace too. My worry is that the need highlighted by lockdown for change to the archaic assessment process will be wasted.” Frampton, 2020


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