Climate Change in Education OER

“Climate change poses a major threat to humanity. Researchers and communities have shown us that climate change affects where people can live, grow food, maintain infrastructure, and be healthy. Climate change is connected with many other global issues. For example, climate change is linked to inequality and ethics because developing countries are the least responsible for climate change, yet they are the most at risk from its effects. Climate change is also linked to gender inequality because in many contexts, women and girls are more vulnerable to its effects than men. At the same time, they are also active and effective in addressing climate change and its impact.”


we need more schools around the world to adopt a whole-school approach to climate action. In a whole-school approach, students’ classroom learning about climate change is reinforced by the formal and informal messages promoted by the school’s values and actions. In other words, students – girls and boys alike – and other members of the school community live what they learn, and learn what they live.

Click here to read more about the whole-school approach to climate change.

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