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COL – MOE Mozambique Program

By 14th May 2017May 16th, 2017No Comments1 min read

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is supporting activities in Mozambique in 2017. This support has come through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between COL and the Ministry of Education and Human Development. The support involves the financing of activities aimed at widening access to secondary education through both open schooling and formal education.

The Notesmaster Project is providing training and technical support as part of the activities in Mozambique. Workshops were held in March, in Maputo where 17 educational experts from the Ministry of Education and Human Development (IEDA, INED and National Secondary Education Directorate) were trained in the production and management of content in the form open educational resources (OERs). The attendees covered various subjects, including Portuguese, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and History.

The OER creation project is intended to last for 10 months, with support being provided through monthly Skype meetings between the Notesmaster consultant and OER developers. For further information please contact Luis Uamusse (IEDA) or Dean Dundas (Notesmaster).

If you are interested in learning more about education in Mozambique, including statistics, click here.


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