Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action (C-DELTA)

C-DELTA is a long-term programme of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) to promote digital education environments in Commonwealth nations. It works with governments, educational institutions, teachers, and civil society organisations to assess digital education competencies, develop learning materials around digital education skills, provide training opportunities for teachers, and monitor student achievement and its relationship to livelihood. The C-DELTA programme provides a framework for fostering digital learning and developing skilled citizens for lifelong learning. It will foster leaders who can demonstrate how to use information and communication technologies (ICT) effectively and who will influence others around them to use digital technology appropriately and effectively for learning (and earning) and for supporting sustainable development.

Adoption of C-DELTA in a country will help determine the level of digital education leadership skills in its educational institutions and provide a national benchmark for planning and budgeting to help those institutions that fall below the national average. COL will help governments by providing the technical support to adopt courses for skill development. COL will also assist educational institutions with providing local training to teachers for digital education leadership.

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