Creative Commons for Educators and Librarians

Editor · 7th November 2019

Welcome to the Creative Commons course for Educators and Librarians!

This course has been adapted from the official Creative Commons Certificate course. Creative Commons has highlighted that “we live in an incredible time of knowledge sharing, access to research, and education opportunities. Now more than ever, creators are sharing their materials with the public; institutions are establishing policies that support broad access to knowledge resources; students are creating, curating, and contributing to learning materials; and there are over 1.4 billion CC licensed works online. While shifting to new models for engagement in this information-abundant era can pose challenges, Creative Commons ardently believes in the power of openness and collaboration”.

Commonwealth Open Schooling Association (COMOSA) seeks to support and share good practices that serve to improve access and equity of access to information/education for everyone. We recognise that access to quality education is particularly challenging for out of school youth and groups such as women and girls.

We believe that when creators openly license their resources it benefits them and also increases opportunities to adopt creative, open and innovative schooling practices. The course is primarily designed for educators and librarians, to help them explore their options for creating and sharing openly licensed resources within their respective institutions and their broader communities.

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