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Distance Education Association of Southern Africa (DEASA) is a vibrant organization that strives to become the regional powerhouse in Open and Distance Learning (ODL). Its major goal is to enable members to share information, collaborate in obtaining and developing quality distance education courses in identified areas, and organize relevant professional development activities.

The DEASA 2017 Conference was the 51st, and was hosted by the Ministry of General Education and the University of Zambia in Lusaka. The pre-conference was attended by a record breaking number of participants with 500+ delegates. Members from almost every province were present. The farthest delegates traveled from as far as Muchinga province.

The mission of DEASA is to promote ODL quality delivery and its sustainable deployment in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region through the formulation of policies and frameworks to guide practice. The number of Open and Distance Learning institutions joining DEASA from both public and private has been steadily increasing. The dimensions of policy formulation, capacity building, quality assurance, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), furtherance of human rights, entrepreneurial skills development and alignment to key sustainable development goals were identified as the focus of the 2017 conference.

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Pre-Conference Workshop

Official opening of the conference

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