Designing hybrid learning in a Covid-19 era: a video of my presentation to CiCan members

“I had the privilege on June 12 to give a 37 minute Zoom presentation and discussion to members of Colleges and Institutes Canada, a national organization to which nearly all colleges and some universities in Canada belong.

I was asked to talk about the design of hybrid learning, which I define as the deliberate design of courses to maximise the benefits of both online and campus-based teaching.

In the webinar I covered the following topics:

  • definitions (fully online, blended, hybrid, HyFlex) and the many forms of blended learning
  • the growth and increasing importance of hybrid learning in Canada
  • core design principles
  • what makes campus-based teaching special?
  • policy issues
  • the implications of Covid-19 for online and hybrid learning. ” Bates, 2020


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