Elect Your New COMOSA Africa Chapter Chair

The role of Chapter Chair for Africa has become vacant and we are seeking to elect a new chair to continue the work of championing and supporting open and innovative schooling initiatives on the African continent.

We would like to express our gratitude to our outgoing Chapter Chair for Africa, Charity Bwalya who has served in the role for just over two years, from June 2018. Charity has contributed immensely to championing the work being done to improve access to quality Open Education Resources and expanding education opportunities, in various African countries, not least of which in her home country of Zambia.

As we seek to elect a new Chair for Africa we invite you to participate in the process by voting for one of the three candidates who have accepted the nomination for the new chair. They are Ing’utu Akushanga Kalumiana, Prof. Rose Ruto-Korir and Masego Bagopi. Further details on each candidate can be viewed by clicking on the link under their name and photo in the voting form below. Voting closes on Sunday 16 August at 23:59.

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