Emerging Technologies for Tracking COVID-19 in Higher Ed

As hope grows for a return to some semblance of normal life across the U.S., roughly 70 percent of colleges and universities plan to resume in-person — or at least hybrid or blended — classes in the fall. But what will it take to reopen campuses safely?

In short, a lot. Experts around the nation have weighed in, noting that between their packed residence halls, cafeterias, lecture halls and sporting events, college campuses make ideal venues for disease transmission. Even so, most of the country’s universities intend to welcome students back to in-person learning this fall, lest they face continued economic shortfalls and lapses in education.

Sanitizing, temperature monitoring and various contact tracing technologies and protocols have all emerged as key elements of campus reopening plans. But, with no real precedent to fall back on and so many different demographics, locales and disciplines to consider, there’s no singular approach or solution. Pang, 2020

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