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“The 2018 Gender Review prepared by the Global Education Monitoring Report team, the sixth in the series, knows that it is not sufficient to look at parity in enrolment levels in education, where considerable progress is being made. Gender inequality takes many different guises. Our monitoring framework and data collection mechanisms need to be smarter in order to demonstrate other forms of gender inequality in education. Inequality can lie in the under-representation of women in education leadership positions, the inappropriate
school infrastructure or the misrepresentation of gender in textbooks.

The Gender Review looks at who should be called to account when gender inequality in education prevails. It reminds us that countries have made legal commitments for girls’ and women’s right to education through international treaties. Fulfilling these obligations means that governments should put in place laws and policies,which tackle the obstacles that women and girls face in accessing school and to prevent discrimination while they are in school.” Read more at

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