Govt to tap diaspora expertise in fresh move to enhance TVET

“A study is underway to determine how many Rwandans living abroad have technical, vocational education and training expertise and would be willing to return home, and help transfer their know-how so as to boost the country’s development agenda.

The local office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) engaged a consultant in March and hopes to have everything wrapped up by September in a study aimed at finding out how many Rwandans in Belgium, UK, Netherlands and Germany have skills in the TVET industry so that they can be engaged in efforts to support TVET sector development.

“The process is ongoing and IOM works with some of our embassies in Europe. I don’t have more details but we will be informed about the outcome when the survey is done,” Olivier Nduhungirehe, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and East African Community, confirmed.” Read more at

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