Learn and Understand Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources and the open movement have recently evolved and in many ways challenge age-old educational traditions and conventions. The popularity of the Internet and the ability to copy and distribute digital content has played a major role in this regard.

There are various challenges that practitioners face when it comes to harnessing Open Educational Resources. Some of the challenges that users of Open Educational Resources often face are the sourcing of appropriate Open Educational Resources, understanding open licences, requirement of new skills, the predominance of the traditional mindset, robust internet connectivity, good ICT availability and incentivisation of lesson creation.

Understanding Open Educational Resources (OER) is a free online course from the Commonwealth of Learning that is designed to improve your knowledge as a practitioner. The course is short and takes about 2 hours in total to complete. But many learners like to adopt a strategy to complete the course in several sittings.

Click here to register for this free course.

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