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NAMCOL scoops World Summit Award 2015

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An OER produced by Wilhelmina Louw

An OER produced by Wilhelmina Louw

NOTESMASTER NAMIBIA: OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES (OERs) among the 40 winners of UN-based World Summit Award, showcasing the world’s best practices in digital innovation.


“NAMCOL and NOTESMASTER NAMIBIA: OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES (OERs)” was nominated in the WSA 2015 competition for best practices in digital innovation through the office of the national expert for the WSA in Namibia. The initiative won, and has been selected by the WSA Grand Jury as best and most innovative Digital Innovation with high impact on society 2015.


An OER produced by Sarafia Wapoteka from NAMCOL

An OER produced by Sarafia Wapoteka

Notesmaster was introduced to NAMCOL on recommendation of the Commonwealth of Learning’s (COL) consultant, Mr. Ed Du Vivier. This resulted in the formation of a joint initiative between the NAMCOL and Notesmaster Global in 2012 and saw the development of the Notesmaster Namibia eLearning platform. The NAMCOL Notesmaster initiative (NNI) brings new technologies that foster a collaborative approach to digital content development, allowing teachers in Namibia to address the challenges they are facing with regard to accessing relevant, good quality digital resources and their effective integration into the classroom.


To date, dedicated full time and part-time staffs have developed interactive master content on the Notesmaster Namibia platform in the following subjects: JSC (Grade 10) English, Accounting, Life Science, Physical Science, Mathematics, Geography, History and Entrepreneurship. The development of content is underway in the following subjects: NSSCO (Gr. 12) English, Biology, Economics, History as well as JSC Oshindonga.

Since 2014, the College have introduced the platform to various NAMCOL centres and formal schools in the country. Testimonies from teachers and learners include:

“Notesmaster is very interesting. I`m using the platform to do some of my assignments, and to study for tests. I`m surely going to use it in preparation for the coming exams.”

NAMCOL learner 2014

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This work has been adapted from the COL Connections/EdTech News, November 2015 and is therefore made available under the same license.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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