National Institute of Distance Education (INED) Mozambique

The National Institute of Distance Education, abbreviated as INED, is a public institution that coordinates and regulates distance education within the National Education System, with legal personality and administrative, technical and scientific autonomy.

The following are attributions of INED:

  • Definition of policies, regulations, strategies and plans for implementation and development of the distance education system, as well as regulate, monitor and evaluate their implementation;
  • Guarantee of the functioning of the national distance education network and adequate use of the resources involved;
  • Creation and development of a system of accreditation and quality assurance of distance education.

Contact: Sérgio Cossa

Address: Avenida Salvador Allende, nº 1060, Bairro da Polana, City of Maputo-Mozambique

Phone: +258 21 48 76 29



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