Notesmaster Helps Raise Grade 9 Pass Rates in Zambia

The Zambian Ministry of General Education has reported that Notemsater has contributed to raising grade 9 pass rates.

In 2020 Notesmaster was piloted in Muchinga Province in Zambia. At that time the province had occupied the 10th position in the exam results provincial tables for 7 consecutive years.

After Year 1 of the Notesmaster-Muchinga pilot, pass rates increased from 37% to 49% and the Province is now 7th in the league table.​ The content used in the program was authored as part of the COL-MOE-NM program 2017-2019. There is also separate Open Innovative Schooling (OIS) pilot using the Aptus, and these results will be made available in due course.

Further details of the 2021 scaling up of the program is covered in the ZMTV 1 news report below.

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