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Notesmaster UNICEF Report: Trinidad and Tobago

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NotesMaster is proud to partner with UNICEF Eastern Caribbean in improving educational initiatives through Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This renewed approach to education will ensure that every child receives equal learning opportunities that begin from early childhood, through to high school and prepares them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive on a path to a promising future.

For the girl who grows up poor in a remote rural area, staying in school and learning can protect her from child marriage, intimate-partner violence and continued poverty. For the boy who lives in an urban slum, schooling instead of child labour can provide him with the skills needed for a better-paying and more fulfilling job as an adult. For children in emergencies, education offers safety, a sense of normality and the knowledge needed to build a more peaceful future.

The first of many initiatives between UNICEF ECA and NotesMaster Caribbean commenced on May 13th. Training a set of highly motivated educators to develop OERs aimed at catering to multiple learning styles and employing ICT best practices in the classroom. The week-long training and development was held at the Cipriani Labour College in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). All participants received a certificate of recognition (sample shown below).



Article originally contributed by Damon Clarke, Director, Notesmaster Caribbean

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