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OECS-Notesmaster Montserrat Report

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What is the OECS-MOE Montserrat Program?

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States-Notesmaster Montserrat Initiative was launched 26-27 November, 2018. The program has goals of introducing primary level teachers to new e-Learning technologies and increasing the numbers of high-quality learning resources available to stakeholders across the OECS, in dedicated subject-based repositories. The content output from this programme will be accessible through the forthcoming OECS Learning Hub, which is being developed by Notesmaster in partnership with the OECS EDMU, and through which all member states will experience a highly supportive eLearning environment. Notesmaster is also supporting CXC® in developing its new Learning Institute platform and this will provide on-demand training to all Montserrat stakeholders. Training will be conducted by CXC® and include sensitization of students, parents and teachers on newly released syllabuses, exams, SBAs, instructional materials and all other related areas.

OECS-Notesmaster Regional plans for MOE-Montserrat and all other Member States

The forthcoming OECS Learning Hub will host and conduct the current Early Learner Program (ELP) and all future initiatives. Users will experience a virtual, user-friendly space, through which interactive content, lessons and workshops will be delivered. The hub will also serve to link all of the current, upcoming and proposed OECS-CXC-NM programs together, providing a single networking experience. This OECS Hub, Notesmaster 2019 and the CXC Learning Institute, will carry a single sign-on; meaning the same username and password created for Notesmaster, will be used to access the OECS HUB and the CXC LI, thereby promoting a seamless browser experience across the three different platforms.

In summary, Notesmaster will support MOE-Montserrat and its learning communities by supporting them in realizing their own ICT goals. The partnership will also integrate MOE-Montserrat closely with the regional activities of other OECS member states and also with the region’s examinations provider. The outcomes are designed to boost the MOE-Montserrat’s ICT capabilities. A range of customization features will give MOE-Montserrat personnel, greater control over the experiences enjoyed by stakeholders and foster greater collaboration as they work alongside the OECS EDMU in this new digital environment. The results will give a teacher access to their own content, content from their MOE, content from the EDMU, content from CXC® and content from all the other CXC® participating territories. The platform will foster a social sharing approach to content dissemination and facilitate on-demand and scheduled live learning. The platform will also promote the continued creation and dissemination of Open Educational Resources, as it supports a number of content creation activities in 2019, across the Caribbean.


Article originally contributed by Damon Clarke, Director, Notesmaster Caribbean

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