Open and Distance Learning Conference: Namibia

In pursuance of quality Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in the region, NOLNet is hosting an ODL conference that will provide the platform and scope for strengthening collaboration amongst the partner institutions, SADC countries as well as with all other stakeholders. Click here to see the event details.


Please share your comments, photos and recommendations based on your experience of attending this innovative conference.  Please also let us know where you are based (location and institution).



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  1. Hi Miems. Thank you for your comment. Your workshop seems really interesting.

    It would be great if you could share the template for the institutional policy or further guidance. This could particularly useful for interested institutions that were not able to attend the conference.

    You may also share links to photos if you wish.


  2. Pre-conference Workshop: 18th October 2016
    Theme: Institutional OER Policy Development

    The focus of the Pre-conference workshop was to create and escalate awareness on the importance of OERs to increase access to affordable learning and to capacitate participants to develop an Institutional OER policy based on an adapted COL 2016 Institutional OER Policy template.

    Outcome of the workshop: Each institution left the conference with a draft institutional OER Policy

    Facilitators: Ms Wilhelmina Louw (NAMCOL)
    Ms Antoinette Wentworth (Namibian University of Science and Technology – NUST)

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