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Open Educational Resources in Zambia

By 21st May 2016March 12th, 2017One Comment1 min read


Notesmaster and the Directorate of Open and Distance Education (DODE), Zambia Ministry of Education have held online workshops in Zambia. This COL-Notesmaster program is aimed at supporting DODE, in the collaborative creation of digital Open Educational Resources (OERs). The support in utilising the Notesmaster e-learning platform and other OER resources is aimed at raising the capacity of participating teachers at DODE and also building on the experiences learned by management in the OER4OpenSchools initiative.


DODE and ZACODE participants

The introduction and correct utilisation of technologies such as Notesmaster has been shown to have a transformative effect on local and national educational outcomes. The program aims to ensure that DODE stakeholders can also benefit in this way. The first workshops took place 16th – 19th May and had DODE and ZACODE participants. Mrs. Moya and her team did an excellent job organising and facilitating the workshop sessions.

Similar online workshops were also conducted over the same period with the Botswana College of Open and Distance Learning (BOCODOL). The program was supported by the Ministry of Education and the Botswana Examinations Council and is aimed at transforming online learning in Botswana for formal and non-formal learners.




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