Open Schooling Programme: The Answer To Education Access And Quality In Uganda

Education is the yardstick for every country’s political and socio-economic development; which acts as a basis of reducing poverty and inequality by enabling the use of new technologies, creating and spreading knowledge. Despite the large inflows of donor financing and the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Education and Sports; the sector for the last 29 years is still grappling to balance the increasing access with quality education in secondary schools. Therefore, the main objective of this article is to explore the new strategies the Ministry of Education and Sports can employ to increase access while improving the quality education in the country.

The article is based on literature review and the author’s experience in education. The article examines the advantages of open schooling and reveals that the programme provides the fast-track options for retaining students; bringing dropouts and over-aged learners to school; reducing administrative costs and enabling young people to be effective in life. Furthermore, the researcher discusses the likely challenges of the programme and gives practical working solutions aimed at overcoming the challenges of implementing the programme in Uganda.

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