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Post Graduate Diploma in Open School Operations and Management Experience with NAMCOL

By 5th February 2023February 6th, 2023No Comments2 min read


First and foremost, I wish to thank the Commonwealth of Learning and Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) for granting me scholarship to study towards 2021-2022 . The journey was a blessed one and learnt a lot of insights from this programme, getting more and more knowledge and experiences on how Open Schooling stands tall in the education arena. The course is purely online and has great facilitation team in all modules. I found the course depth very meaningful and relevant to modern demands of modernising youth education. It’s a great course which I seriously recommend to anyone working or wishing to join Open Schools across the global community. One outstanding module I liked was production of Open Educational Resources (OER).

Its of great importance that educators understand and know how to use OERs for teaching and learning. Furthermore, I was able to gather that open schools education promotes culture of good citizenry among all students when done well. The open school initiative put together improves secondary education level in most schools while others tap into vocational pathway of education. Some countries like Botswana use open school programme to support secondary education students who would not have made it to college or senior grades by giving them a chance to resist. The support comes in forms of offering tutorials which are supported by government subvention. Open schools foster human development and bridge the social inclusiveness into community of the youth. There is no doubt that open schools over the years have added to the quality of education and throughput across practising countries in the likes of Canada, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia etc. The future of open schooling is to lean more towards vocational skills so as to tap into the many youth exiting school systems with survival skills.

Open schools brings together tutors, students and in some instances community members. I have no iota of doubt to recommend this programme to any person looking forward to learning more about open schooling models of operations and how to manage those operations. I benefitted a lot and ready to serve in any capacity of open schooling ranging from operations and management.

Dr Tommie Hamaluba

Dr Tommie Hamaluba has more than 30 years of teaching experience. He has taught in Adult education, secondary schools and currently serves as subject specialist. He holds PhD in Business Admninistration, MBA, BBA, Dip. Ed, Certificate in Distance Education Practitioners, Post Graduate Diploma in Open School Operations and Management, Post Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance in Education and Certificate in Accounting 3. Dr Hamaluba has also done various MOOC courses on technology enabled learning.

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