Reskilling for new livelihoods

“With world economies jolted down by COVID-19, there is a critical need to identify and develop relevant workforce skills. In India, it is reported that around 140 million laborers have lost their jobs and livelihoods due to COVID-19. The social distancing norms associated with the lockdown have made a number of professions, such as tailoring, beauty therapy and automobile mechanics, temporarily redundant. On the other hand, the pandemic has sensitised institutions and individuals about the need to ensure cleanliness at all levels to avoid infection, creating a demand for deep cleaning and disinfection services for personal and commercial vehicles, as well as public places. In response to the challenges and the emerging needs, COL has partnered with Sambhav Foundation, a LabourNet initiative in India, in a pilot project to reskill some 2,100 auto-technicians, tailors and beauticians to become sanitation hygiene entrepreneurs. The programme is intended to equip them with the skills needed to provide deep cleaning and disinfection services to vehicles, as well as in places where large numbers of people congregate.” COL, 2020


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