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Teaching in a Digital Age: Feedback on Third Edition Drafts

By 17th December 2021January 3rd, 2022No Comments1 min read


Dr. Tony Bates is in the process of editing the third edition of Teaching in a Digital Age, his open, online textbook for instructors and teachers. He has four goals in mind for this edition:

  • although it was written originally for instructors in post-secondary education, it has proved a very popular book for (school) teacher education; he is therefore making revisions to include more content specific to k-12 teaching
  • the new edition needs to take into account the impact of emergency remote learning during Covid-19
  • take account of new research and developments in digital learning since 2018
  • keep the book to a reasonably manageable size, which may mean removing or reducing some content from previous editions.

Tony is seeking feedback on on drafts of the third edition. If you have comments, suggestions or criticisms, you can submit these by going to his website.

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