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Unleashing Education’s Potential in Botswana: Empowering Business Studies and Mathematics through OER and Open Courses

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Education is the key to unlocking a nation’s potential, and in Botswana, a transformative initiative is revolutionizing the way Business Studies and Mathematics are taught. The integration of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Courses has created a powerful platform for educators and students, fostering collaboration, personalized learning, and real-world applications. In this essay, we explore how the adoption of OER and Open Courses is empowering both teachers and learners in Botswana’s Business Studies and Mathematics disciplines, and the remarkable impact it has had on education across the nation. The national workshops were held from five sites for 1st May 2023 to 3rd June 2023.


I. Empowering Teachers of Business Studies for Junior Schools

The implementation of OER and Open Courses has provided teachers of Business Studies in Botswana with a wealth of opportunities for professional growth and enhanced instructional practices.

  1. Professional Development: The introduction of workshops led by esteemed educators and subject specialist at BOU Dr. Tommie Hamaluba has equipped teachers with the latest pedagogical strategies, teaching methodologies, and curriculum alignment techniques. These professional development opportunities have empowered teachers to deliver high-quality instruction and stay updated with the evolving needs of their students.
  2. Resource Utilization: OER has revolutionized the availability of learning materials for Business Studies educators. By leveraging open resources such as textbooks, case studies, and multimedia content, teachers can access a diverse range of materials and adapt them to suit the needs of their students. This flexibility allows for personalized learning experiences and enhances student engagement and comprehension.
  3. Collaboration and Support: The adoption of OER and Open Courses has created a collaborative ecosystem among Business Studies educators in Botswana. Through online platforms and networking opportunities, teachers can connect, share best practices, and collaborate on curriculum development. This collaboration nurtures a culture of continuous improvement and empowers teachers to enhance their instructional approaches for the benefit of their students.

According to statistics, this initiative reached a remarkable number of 600 teachers and students from the country’s five sites. Among them were 120 teachers and 480 students, with the majority being females, accounting for over 85% of the participants. Both BOU and conventional schools availed students for this national drive which was highly successful.  This significant participation demonstrates the strong interest and dedication of educators and learners in Botswana towards advancing education through OER and Open Courses.

The best week of the initiative was the workshop held in the Bobirwa Subregion, where educational officers, school heads, led by Mr. Peter Moalosi of Molalatu Junior School came to support this unique Commonwealth of Learning initiative. Their presence and support exemplify the collaborative effort and commitment of the educational community in Botswana.

Botswana is immensely grateful for the sponsorship from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and the guidance of Dr. Tony Mays, an education specialist at COL. The success of this initiative would not have been possible without the instrumental contribution of program assistant Carol Walker. Their dedication and support have paved the way for empowering teachers and students in Business Studies and Mathematics across the nation.


II. Empowering Students in Business Studies

The integration of OER and Open Courses has transformed the learning experience for students of Business Studies in Botswana, providing them with accessible resources and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.


  1. Access to High-Quality Resources: OER platforms offer students a vast array of resources tailored to Business Studies, including textbooks, case studies, and interactive simulations. These resources ensure equitable access to high-quality materials, regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic background. Students can explore diverse perspectives, develop critical thinking skills, and deepen their understanding of key business concepts.


  1. Personalized Learning Experiences: Open Courses in Business Studies provide students with the opportunity to learn at their own pace. This self-directed approach allows for personalized learning pathways, enabling students to focus on areas of interest, revisit challenging topics, and take ownership of their education. As a result, students are more engaged, motivated, and empowered to achieve their academic goals.


  1. Real-World Applications: OER and Open Courses incorporate real-world examples and case studies, bridging the gap between theory and practice in Business Studies. By applying their knowledge to authentic scenarios, students develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and an understanding of the practical applications of business concepts. This prepares them for future careers and empowers them to become innovative leaders in the business world.


III. Empowering Students in Mathematics

The adoption of OER and Open Courses has also revolutionized the teaching and learning of Mathematics in Botswana, empowering students with accessible resources and promoting a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

  1. Access to Comprehensive Resources: OER platforms offer a wealth of resources specifically designed for Mathematics education. From textbooks and video tutorials to interactive exercises and practice materials, students have access to comprehensive resources that support their learning journey.
  2. Self-Paced Learning: Open Courses in Mathematics provide students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace. They can progress through course materials, revisit challenging topics, and reinforce their understanding before moving forward. This personalized learning approach empowers students to take ownership of their education, build confidence in their mathematical abilities, and achieve optimal learning outcomes.
  3. Inspiring Educators: The workshops led by Dr. Tommie Hamaluba and Mr. Dikeme Kgamanyane have inspired Mathematics educators in Botswana to adopt innovative teaching practices. These dedicated educators leverage OER and Open Courses to design engaging lessons, incorporate real-world applications, and create an inclusive learning environment.



The integration of OER and Open Courses in Business Studies and Mathematics has revolutionized education in Botswana. Through collaborative efforts, facilitated by the Botswana Open University’s College of Open Schooling and supported by esteemed educators, teachers have been empowered to enhance their instructional practices, creating engaging and effective learning experiences. Students, in turn, have gained access to a wealth of resources, personalized learning opportunities, and real-world applications, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of business and mathematics. As Botswana continues to embrace the potential of OER and Open Courses, the future of education shines bright, with empowered teachers and inspired learners at the forefront of educational innovation and excellence.

Dr Tommie Hamaluba

Dr Tommie Hamaluba has more than 30 years of teaching experience. He has taught in Adult education, secondary schools and currently serves as subject specialist. He holds PhD in Business Admninistration, MBA, BBA, Dip. Ed, Certificate in Distance Education Practitioners, Post Graduate Diploma in Open School Operations and Management, Post Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance in Education and Certificate in Accounting 3. Dr Hamaluba has also done various MOOC courses on technology enabled learning.

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