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Women in Educational Broadcasting

By 20th February 2019March 5th, 2019No Comments2 min read


Gladys Sakala Phiri is the acting executive producer under Educational Broadcasting services in the Ministry of General Education in Zambia. Her ambition to become a television broadcaster was inspired by her father at the tender age of 13years.

Ms. Sakala holds a teaching primary certificate, a Bachelors in Adult Education and a Masters in Leadership Development in ICT and the Knowledge Society Information from Dublin City University (DCU).

As a way of enhancing access to quality and equitable education, Ms. Sakala ensures continuous production and broadcasting of educational content at the country’s only educational broadcasting station whose frequency is 105FM.

Ms. Sakala is one of the pioneers of radio programmes such as “learning at Taonga market” an interactive radio instruction (IRI). These programmes aim at supplementing early, primary and secondary education for learners in conventional schools and those who are out of school.

Gladys is a passionate woman about ICTs in Education and currently, her unit is working on online streaming of educational radio programmes to vulnerable children, youth and adults in Zambia. Her quest to ensuring enhanced digital literacy in the education sector can never be overemphasized. Gladys has been very instrumental in the bringing on board and supporting the curriculum developer’s project for eContent that will sit on the Notesmaster learner management system supported by Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

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