World Environment Day 2018 at NIOS

NIOS celebrates World Environment Day on 5th of June every year. They plant trees and organise competitions in the Headquarters and Regional Centres.

This year the Government of India is hosting the World Environment Day, 2018 at the global level in New Delhi in collaboration with UN Environment. The theme for this year is “Plastic Pollution.”

This opportunity serves to spread the message of sustainable use of plastic items. This will help in small ways in changing behaviour and demonstrating through actions. The aim of this endeavour is to transform habits, practices, standards to dramatically reduce plastic litter and harm it causes to the organisation.

NIOS mobilizes staff and officers in cleanliness drives in the organisation from time to time. The “Action Plan” to be followed by NIOS Staff members is detailed in the following points:

1. Plastic plates for food in NIOS Canteen should be avoided by the NIOS Staff members.

2. Tea/ coffee disposable cups should be avoided by staff members. Staff members may have their own reusable cup for tea/coffee.

3. Disposable food items should be avoided. Spoons /forks may be carried from home.

4. Paper/Cloth bags should be used instead of poly bags.

5. Steel/glass/clay bottles should be used in the office.

6. Cleanliness drives in Headquarters / Regional centres / Study centres.

7. Use of separate bins for plastics is encouraged.

8. Use of biodegradable products is encouraged.

9. Avoid wrapping lunch in disposable plastic packaging.

10. Messaging to remind staff to reduce/refuse/reuse plastic products should be displayed throughout NIOS buildings.

11. Periodic checks may be conducted to collect polythene bags.


NIOS is encouraging all staff to follow the above points to help safeguard the environment for a better tomorrow.

This article was adapted from a circular (10 May 2018) from Sanjay Kumar Sinha, Director (Academic) NIOS

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